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Warwick, RI Collision Center- About National Auto Specialty

“Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall- all you have to do is call, and I’ll be there…” James Taylor’s all-American, poetic lyrics are familiar, and comforting. Like an old friend, who is always there for you, National Auto Specialty in Warwick, RI is more than just an auto body shop. Each and every vehicle coming into our shop is treated as if it were owned by one of our family members.

Proudly being the 8th oldest licensed auto body shop in Rhode Island, we are inspired by our foundation, encouraging our superb workmanship. Our owner, Bob “Bobby” Martin, maintains a traditional, hard-work aesthetic that stands true to the test of time, “Do it once, do it right, and back your work up with a lifetime ‘iron clad’ no questions asked warranty.” If we repaired it, or we replaced it, then we guarantee your vehicle- and your happiness. Offering the best lifetime collision repair in the ocean state, we take pride in every phase that goes into the repair process. We’ve tested our skills, and obtained an understanding and expertise of your vehicle. What truly sets us a part is our personal dedication to your repair- by earning your trust, and gaining your friendship.

Our blog posts will reinforce our dedication to you: our customer, our friend, and our new member of the family. The goal is staying connected, and learning more about your vehicle. After your visit to our shop, the resolutions and the work we’ve done doesn’t just stop there- on our blog, you will find an extension of your visit. Helpful bits of information that help you better understand your vehicle: preventing repairs, diagnostic informative pieces, and references.

Is this the first time you’ve had a fender bender? Or were you involved in a severe collision during a snow storm? Our Collision Repair Process is the best in Warwick, RI and is aimed at helping you get through this already inconvenient, frightening, and stressful time by calling our towing service, and getting a rental- our specialty. We’ve experienced this on a daily basis- for 25 years, to be exact- and getting you a replacement rental car is our top priority. National Auto Specialty wants to be there for you, alleviating the stress. Another fantastic part of our services- and perhaps, the most important, is getting you an insurance claim. We want to help you get through this claim process, with a free collision estimate. Our 24 hour emergency towing service, with free pick up and delivery, is our way of showing you that we care, and we really will be there. Whether it’s an unbearable, hot summer day, or an icy downpour in November, we can face the obstacles, and get there when you need us the most.

So, should we meet by accident, or should we meet by chance, know that you’ve got a friend in National Auto Specialty located in Warwick, RI.

Address: 241 Lincoln Avenue Warwick, Rhode Island
Phone: (401) 732-1216